Does the corporate tax law apply to foreign partnerships?

As per the UAE corporate tax partnership are broadly categorized into two forms, this includes foreign and regional partnerships. Further, regional partnerships are expanded into incorporated and unincorporated coalitions. Therefore, it is imperative for corporations to avail of the services of UAE tax consultants to establish the credibility of partnerships and to meet the Federal Tax Authority’s regulations and standards to which noncompliance accrues hefty fines.

The Scope of unincorporated partnerships

The scope of unincorporated partnerships extends to a connection created by agreement among two or more individuals like a partnership or trust or some other comparable organization of individuals. Thus, an unincorporated collaboration can be termed as an agreement between the parties and lacks legal character, whereas an incorporated collaboration does.

Do Unincorporated Partnerships Fall Under the Corporate Income Tax UAE Regime?

In contrast to the Partnership, vendors who conduct business as unincorporated partnerships are recognized as taxable people under Article 16(1) of the UAE Corporate Tax Law. As these unincorporated collaborations don't have a legislative status, they are considered to be "transparent" collaborative relationships. By the proprietors' revenue allocations, the earnings from these partners are subject to the tax in their respective hands.

An individual who enrolled for an unincorporated partnership will be dealt with as;

  • Carrying out the unincorporated coalition's operations.
  • Possessing the legal standing, objective, and goal of an unincorporated firm.
  • Keeping possession of resources owned by the Unincorporated Partnership.
  • Participating in any agreement where the Unincorporated coalition is a signatory.

Everything associated with an unincorporated partnership will be considered as being owned by the partners themselves. It may include objective, business, setup, intent, assets, etc. Secondly, all revenues, assets, and expenditures associated with unincorporated partnerships will be allocated among partners by their interest proportion. Similarly, each collaborator owns a right to reimburse for interest expenses in the case when they made capital subsidies or any other cost linked directly with the functioning of the partnership.  

Similarly, interest gained via the capital account of a partner is considered income and it's not a cost that is deductible. For instance, if two partners named Y and Z generate revenue of 10,0000 dirhams during a financial year under their partnership. Then, member Y will get 75% and member Z will get 25% as per the decided pact. Also, in consideration of adjustments for costs and interests, the partnership’s 25,000 dirhams will be tax liable in hands of partner Z and 75,000 dirhams will be tax liable in hands of partner Y. 

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Treatment of foreign partnerships under the UAE corporate tax 

For tax purposes, overseas partnerships are treated the same way they are within the homeland as well as the UAE. If a foreign collaboration is not taxable but each member is independently treated for their share of the coalition's revenues, the coalitions will also be classified as "Transparent" under the law of corporate tax in UAE. But, partnerships will be treated as legal persons if the tax is levied against them on foreign land. A foreign partnership will be regarded as an unincorporated partnership if all of the requirements listed below are met.

  • The taxation regulations of the third country do not apply to the foreign collaborative effort.
  • As soon as the Foreign Partnership receives or accrues revenue, every member in the Foreign Partnership is separately liable for paying taxes on their proportionate part of that dividend.
  • Some other requirements that the tax authority may impose.

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