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    Exceptions from Corporate Tax Registration

    Title Date
    Concerning Exception from Tax Registration. 10-03-2023

    Business relief

    Title Date
    Small Business Relief. 03-04-2023
    Business Restructuring Relief 25-05-2023

    Tax Period

    Title Date
    Conditions for Change in Tax Period. 07-04-2023

    Tax Registration and Deregistration Timeline

    Title Date
    Tax Deregistration Timeline 07-04-2023
    Registration Timeline for Taxable Person for corporate tax 2024 06-04-2024

    Corporate tax exemptions

    Title Date
    Tax exemption 07-04-2023

    Maintenance of Audited Financial Statements

    Title Date
    Categories of Taxable Persons Required to Prepare and Maintain Audited Financial Statements. 10-04-2023

    Maintaining Transfer Pricing Documentation

    Title Date
    Requirements for Maintaining Transfer Pricing Documentation 27-04-2023

    Accounting Standards and Methods

    Title Date
    The Accounting Standards and Methods. 09-05-2023

    Transitional Rules

    Title Date
    Adjustments Under the Transitional Rules. 16-05-2023

    Tax Group

    Title Date
    Tax Group for the Purposes 22-05-2023
    Qualifying Group Relief 03-04-2024
    Transfers Within a Qualifying Group 25-05-2023

    Tax agent

    Title Date
    Professional Standards for Tax Agents 15-01-2024

    Corporate tax deductions

    Title Date
    The General Interest Deduction Limitation Rule 23-05-2023


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