Corporate Tax Registration in UAE

For corporate tax purposes, Taxable Persons in UAE are required to register for corporate tax. This tax is levied on a corporation's net income or generated revenue. The statutory legislation for regulating corporate tax in UAE is Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022, which outlines the scope, conditions, and standards for corporate tax. Therefore, to effectively implement corporate tax and to stay compliant, Taxable Persons are advised to seek the expert services of Tax Consultants in UAE.

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Eligible for corporate tax in UAE

Who is eligible for corporate tax in UAE?

As per Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022, taxable persons are required to register for UAE corporate tax, unless exempted under specific circumstances stated in the corporate tax regulations. Even if eligible for tax exemption under clause 1 of article 4 of the decree-law or as an applicable unincorporated partnership, relevant persons or entities must still register for corporate tax and obtain a tax registration number (TRN) to be eligible for the exemption.

Corporate Tax Registration

Process for UAE Corporate Tax Registration

The process of corporate tax registration in UAE starts with corporations registering their trade license with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to obtain a TRN. This involves completing an online registration form and submitting necessary documents such as the trade license and articles of incorporation. Once registered, businesses receive a TRN, which must be used for all tax-related documents and filings.

Scope of Corporate Tax in the UAE

Key Elements of Corporate Tax Registration in the UAE:

For corporate tax registration purposes, there are distinct essential components that Taxable Persons must consider. These elements ensure compliance with the UAE's tax regulations and facilitate smooth tax operations. Below are the key components:

Taxable Entities: Companies operating in the UAE must determine their tax liability based on their legal structure and activities. Entities subject to corporate tax include limited liability companies,
partnerships, branches of foreign companies, and free zone companies (unless exempted).

Tax Registration: Businesses that meet the criteria for corporate tax must register with the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The registration process involves providing accurate information about the
company, such as trade license details, ownership structure, financial records, and contact information.

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Exemptions from Corporate Tax

Seek the expert services of Tax Consultants in UAE

To ensure proper compliance with the Corporate Tax Law, mitigate risks, and effectively implement corporate tax, it is advisable for taxable persons to consult tax consultants in UAE. Corporate Tax UAE.
A trusted Tax Consultant in UAE is committed to assisting Taxable Persons to meet tax obligations and ensuring compliance with the Federal Tax Authority's regulations and standards. Therefore, contact us today and we shall be glad to assist you.


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