Overview of Individuals Under UAE Corporate Tax Law

As per the proposed new UAE corporate tax law coming into effect from or after June 1, 2023, individuals are subject to and exempt from corporate tax under certain criteria. 

Who are Individuals?

under corporate tax law, Individuals are natural persons who either carry out a business in the UAE as a freelancer, earn an income or carry out investments in the UAE. Resident in the UAE means spend at least 183 or more in calendar year . 

In our blog, we cover how they are affected by corporate tax

Corporate Tax Regime for Individuals 

According to the Frequently asked questions on the Ministry of Finance (MoF), self employed  individuals will be imposed with corporate tax when they carry out a business in the UAE under a commercial license such as a freelance license. 

Individuals however will not be subject to UAE Corporate tax on:

  1. Salaries and any other income earned from employment, whether private or public sector. Earned income includes wages, salary, tips, bonuses, and any commissions received. 
  2. Personal Investments in real estate or precious metals unless a commercial permit or license is needed to carry out the activity. In case, a commercial permit or license is required to carry out the activity, then the individual will be subject to corporate tax. 
  3. Capital gains, dividends, and any other income that is earned from holding personal equity investments such as stock trading or purchasing company shares. 
  4. Interests and any other income received from saving schemes or bank deposits. 

In other words, Individuals will not be subject to corporate tax based on any income earned from employment, real estate, investments in shares, and other personal income unrelated to a trade or business in the UAE. 

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Corporate Tax UAE

Therefore, individuals under most circumstances will not be subject to corporate tax. However, in reference to an individual having (or being required to obtain) a business license or permit to carry out business activity of any kind in the UAE, whether commercial, industrial, or professional, would be subject to corporate tax. 

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